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Description:   The OpenSource P2P Network is a filesharing network made up of free open source clients only. Patches, mods and code will be available here. It's a true P2P sharing network with no greed or 3rd parties involved!

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LastFmLib.Net This is a port of's WebAPI plus their Audioscrobbler 1.2 into VB.Net 2005. Features: Artist/Album/Track-Metadata -- all WebRequests which are also contained in the original client -- Scrobbling - Usable in other .Net languages, like C#, too

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TCBnet - P2P Content Push This project aims to create a distributed network (P2P) for pushing files to the interested nodes. Unlike nowadays p2p applications, TCB net would not support queries nor requests for files. It will solely depend on the will of a user to add it to the ... is a free and opensource weblog system, based on microsoft .net technology and xml. is an internet based game engine that offers an XML based scene format called 3DML. 3DML offers a building block based level design metaphor to make level creation easier for the masses. will include P2P networking for world sharing.

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